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1.) What does Morfus do exactly?

We take any 3D or 2D models from architects, designers, and creatives alike to turn the project into an immersive environment on mobile for easy access. From the clients experience imagine yourself being put right into the 3D models firsthand eliminating visualization discrepancies.

2.) Why mobile when there are stronger processing platforms like on HTC Vive or Oculus?

Most VR companies will spend lots of expenses from both theirs and clients pockets to develop 3D architectural rendering on those platforms. However, as attractive as the environment created may be for the following reasons this technology will become obsolete compared to mobile:
***HTC Vive alone cost $1000-$1500 and needs to be tethered to a customized PC (another $5000-$6000) not to mention the software development cost!***

With Morfus, simply have the rendered environment delivered easily and affordable on your mobile phone.

3.) What can I use this for?

Great question, it is found 60-65% of end users cannot visualize floorplans or designs same way as industry professionals and thus whether you are a starting designer or architect you can use our technology to deliver your clients the most immersive experience.

4.) Why Morfus? What makes you stand out?

We take the best aspect of both platforms; the simplicity and intuition of mobile VR combined with fully interactive 3D environment that are typically only restricted to HMD (head mounted displays) such as Vive or Oculus.

5.) Everything sounds great, what are the cost and turn around time for my work.

Turn around time can vary depending on the scope of the projects, we usually charge by details and how much time it takes to convert your files into a deliverable application. Request a quote with the form on the right. It’s free.

Example: 1 room apartment (turnaround time is 2-3 days)

6.) What do I get for the price I am paying?

You will get the following VR tools to showcase your designs to your clients or customers: iOS App , Android App, and WebGL App for browser support.
Additional cost may be required for Daydream development as well as anything outside mobile.