Portfolio Project #1

Property Development

Luxury Home Development in West Vancouver, BC

Portfolio Project #2

M.E Design

High-End Interior Design Cabinet based in Vancouver, BC

From Sketchup  file to iPhone VR

Portfolio Project #3

Scarlett Valière Gallery


Scarlett is an Artist from Los Angeles, California. She is passionately Immersed in her work. Always seeking new, and unique outlets of expression, she combines skills acquired from a hands on self-education based on her affinity for Painting, drawing and jewelry design. She distinguishes herself by harmoniously fusing these skills to create unique pieces. Themes of Nostalgia are a signature trait of her work. Being an avid antique collector, she cites her greatest inspiration in the concept of Preserving beauty – embracing timelessness and implementing aesthetics into all of life; as done in the Victorian and Art Nouveau era. Scarlett’s distinguished image has gained International recognition with her work being featured on an array of platforms, from custom Mural Decoration in private homes to the walls of renowned art galleries, to the stages of performing arts venues worldwide. She has created Interior concepts for cafés, lounges and boutiques on an International scale, and among these collaborations is a partnership with Warner Bros. Studios wherein she was commissioned to create an original painting for the set design featured in the Golden-Globe Award Winning TV Show ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’.